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Hello.  I am alive, but my laptop is not.

The Noro scarf…is in a coma.

I miss drawing and playing with yarn.  Please knit scarves and crochet shawls and build miniatures enough for two!  For now, house-hunting and bacon-earning (oh yes, and laptop-shopping) will keep my hands away from fibery bliss.  I hate to let any of those pursuits get in my hands’ way, but for now, this will have to do.


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Knitting, crocheting, drawing, spinning, building miniatures, calligraphy, beading, polymer clay…I may run out of fingers before I finish counting them all.

Enough hobbies are haunting my daydreams that I sometimes wish I had more hands, kind of like those Hindu gods.  But we are careful about what we wish for.

So for now, what you see here will be the work of the two hands I’ve got.

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