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More Crinkling Paper

A lesson in origami biology: start with two cranes, and you get this:

origami paper crane


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It started when I saw a piece of odd-sized paper that had been sitting on the scratch paper pile at work.  That rejected sheet became my first paper crane in years.  It met another crane, and the cranes started a family.  Of over fifty baby cranes.

They’re all at work at the moment, so the visual will have to wait.

But I wanted to give my coworkers something else to comment on.  Hence:

origami rose

My first, rumply “rose.”  It sprouts from the hardwood, because the leaves and stem are enough for another day’s challenge.  I gave up on other, much more complicated-looking patterns before sitting down to conquer the simple, four-petaled rose (is there such a thing in botany?).

My happy origami landfill:

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