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If we put some wonky accents on the vowels in Minirug, it could be from MiniIkea:

A needlepoint miniature rug I stitched back in high school. Just goes to show just how long I’ve been meaning to make a miniature house. I’m leaving the fringe-cutting for a [mini] housewarming occasion.

For now, the rug lives in the tract housing in the chaotic CD-Rack district:

Once we get the house going, though, I’m thinking more of a “walnut-hued panelling with a deep desk and green lamps ” study type of setting.

The Details (Now with more devil!!): stitched on 24-count canvas with choice of yellow, red, purple, green, and white. Pattern from Janet Granger’s Miniature Needlepoint Carpets.  Unblocked.  Finished around 2001.


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