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On a whim, I decided to make a little doily.  A miniature doily, about 4 in. in diameter and fashioned from regular sewing thread on a size 1o/1.3 mm crochet hook:

Would it work as a tablecloth in a dollhouse?  It needs a round table like the kind you see in pointless hallways, but I haven’t figured out how to make one yet.


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It is a minor misery when you have a blog but nothing to post…The truth is that I haven’t even touched yarn except to pack it for the flight back from LA.

So instead, I will share with you some crochet items in my wardrobe that someone else made.

First, a skirt:

Would you look at this:

I’m usually not a fan of scallopy shapes but it works for this edging:

Then we have a jacket:

The shaping on this one really amazes me.  It also wouldn’t occur to me to combine those simple different stitches into a pattern.

I love the shadows cast by this:

I’m hoping that some day these stitches won’t be such a mystery to me.  I guess crochet will be a nice homework assignment to do during the commute to the new job.

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The dreaded sewing.  I didn’t have a tapestry needle nor the patience to wait for one, so I grabbed a crochet hook and started stitching:

Depending on whether it’s attached from the front or the back, the fabric either pops out or sinks in.  I kinda like the dimensionality, but I guess we should stick to one or the other.

At this rate, the afghan will reach completion in–oh, say, 4 years?

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It is surprisingly comfy.

Today marks the debut of KnitPicks yarn in Misa’s stash.  The colors are a bit off from both the catalog and the site’s pics, but that doesn’t dash any plans.

The cathedral afghan grows.

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More Skeletons

Thought you’d never see the light of day, did you, poor little afghan in progress?

Would anyone like to join me in sending this afghan to crochet heaven?  I’m setting my deadline for the time I leave my college town.

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We refer to the shawl, not Misa’s photography unskills. What’s wrong with this picture?

The Answers:

I ran out of yarn.

But here’s a more serious error:

Can you see the little bumps on the right fabric? The left part was done right, but when I charted the pattern, I just mirrored half of the pattern so it would match on both sides. Silly silly. There’s a reason that the author omitted the “chain 5” in one of the rows.

I’m leaning towards tehcorc/frogging, but we’ll see till I get more yarn.

In the meantime, it fits my chair not so badly:

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Why is it that popular art often shows knitters holding their needles like crochet hooks (ladle position)? Or do people actually knit like this:


or this:


The way I’ve seen people knit, the needles form an upside-down V. Pop culture suggests a right-side-up V.

Just wondering if there’s another way to knit out there that I need to stumble across.

(Apologies if I’m not supposed to be linking to other people’s images. Let me know and I’ll take them off.)

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