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It is a minor misery when you have a blog but nothing to post…The truth is that I haven’t even touched yarn except to pack it for the flight back from LA.

So instead, I will share with you some crochet items in my wardrobe that someone else made.

First, a skirt:

Would you look at this:

I’m usually not a fan of scallopy shapes but it works for this edging:

Then we have a jacket:

The shaping on this one really amazes me.  It also wouldn’t occur to me to combine those simple different stitches into a pattern.

I love the shadows cast by this:

I’m hoping that some day these stitches won’t be such a mystery to me.  I guess crochet will be a nice homework assignment to do during the commute to the new job.


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Still floating. Job hunts and yarn seem to be stuck at the moment, as is a little comic book I was working on.  I’ve been itching to build minis but haven’t gotten to in a while.  So to ease the sorrow of idle hands, here’s to a little dusting of an old project:

A balsa [tea?] house from high school days.  Balsa, Xacto knife, glue, and a little bit of rice paper.  That’s it, nothing fancy.  Oh, and I’m a sucker for inlaid wood/marquetry, so the wall pattern comes from a bunch of balsa slivers assembled together by a masochist crafter.  ‘Tis my favorite part of the house.

The ridiculous stairs I don’t worry too much over; for now let’s just say they’re intentionally discouraging unwanted guests.  Purely decorative.

This photo was supposed to illustrate how each side has a different pattern, but instead goes to remind me how individual photographers leave their own telltale marks. (I know this one wasn’t mine; the house looks as though in the shadow of a neighboring highrise!) And would you look at that, you can tell I didn’t have a file nor enough balsa to finish…Let us get outta here.

But before that, a bonus peek at the back.

As with any miniature I do now, I intended it as a setting for a story forming (incidentally, the same story that’s idling on my desk right now). The difference now is that my pencil hovers over paper while the Xacto lies still. Maybe I should just scrap the calculator and go back to improv building like this. As for the buildings I’m currently planning, the CADing and the drafting are stifling both the houses and the stories “on location” there.  Because, really, who cares about the buildings in a comic book?

…Well, I do. I have such a house fetish :P.

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