My hands hurt

On a whim, I decided to make a little doily.  A miniature doily, about 4 in. in diameter and fashioned from regular sewing thread on a size 1o/1.3 mm crochet hook:

Would it work as a tablecloth in a dollhouse?  It needs a round table like the kind you see in pointless hallways, but I haven’t figured out how to make one yet.


Happy Pi(e) Day

A three-course pie binge for March 14.

I got distracted by the wood grain:

Ok, these are tartlets, but they count for Pi Day Dessert.

It looks disgusting, it sounds disgusting, but dammit, it’s making me hungry for more:

This has been the easiest “dessert of the week” I’ve made for work. And it actually lives up to the hype. I was expecting to prefer the bacon by itself but the chocolate and it make a nice duo. You can read all the blog posts out there and hear people rave about it, but you just have to taste it to see for yourself.

If you’re thinking of trying this with a minimum investment of time and energy, here’s what I did (so easy that it’s not much of a recipe):

1. Cook bacon. Baking in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees and got slices that were firm but not crunchy. Of course, adjust for your preferences and the kind of bacon.

2. Melt chocolate. I used about 2-3 ounces of chocolate chips and just microwaved them.

3. Coat bacon in chocolate. I used a table knife to get a hearty enough layer on both sides and made sure to munch on a slice while the chocolate was still gooey.

4. Refrigerate till chocolate is set.

The most entertaining part was customizing a couple for my office comrades:

I had a tiny bit of melted chocolate coating the bowl–not enough to coat another strip, but too much just to wash away. So I made it into a lovely hot chocolate infused with the power of bacon. The perfect accompaniment to thoughts of world domination.

Of the brave souls who tried this at the office, about half loved it and wanted more. Of the other half, none said that it was bad; but the reaction was a confused “I don’t get it.” More bacon chocolate for me, then!

Branching Out

The commute’s got to be used for something.  Here ya go:

On the bus ride home, a bump jolted the stitches off my needle once.  I’m not too happy with the evenness of the edges so I may try to reblock it.

More Crinkling Paper

A lesson in origami biology: start with two cranes, and you get this:

origami paper crane

It started when I saw a piece of odd-sized paper that had been sitting on the scratch paper pile at work.  That rejected sheet became my first paper crane in years.  It met another crane, and the cranes started a family.  Of over fifty baby cranes.

They’re all at work at the moment, so the visual will have to wait.

But I wanted to give my coworkers something else to comment on.  Hence:

origami rose

My first, rumply “rose.”  It sprouts from the hardwood, because the leaves and stem are enough for another day’s challenge.  I gave up on other, much more complicated-looking patterns before sitting down to conquer the simple, four-petaled rose (is there such a thing in botany?).

My happy origami landfill:

It’s Been a Month

Hello.  I am alive, but my laptop is not.

The Noro scarf…is in a coma.

I miss drawing and playing with yarn.  Please knit scarves and crochet shawls and build miniatures enough for two!  For now, house-hunting and bacon-earning (oh yes, and laptop-shopping) will keep my hands away from fibery bliss.  I hate to let any of those pursuits get in my hands’ way, but for now, this will have to do.